Raid Log
08/12 20:22
The barbarian pack is roaming around in Bittermor!
08/12 20:22
Barbarians are gathering at Bittermor. They seem to be up to something!
08/12 19:20
Bonebeasts have taken over Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
08/12 19:20
Increased number of Bonebeasts are rattling down in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
08/12 12:06
The priestesses in Drefia are preparing a black celebration.
08/12 08:23
Many aggressive canines spotted roaming south of Ab'Dendriel! Take care!
08/12 05:50
Lizards are advancing to Port Hope from Chor.
08/12 05:48
Lizards Sentinels preparing to march on Port Hope from Chor.
08/12 00:07
Giant Cobra overflow inside of Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
08/12 00:07
There's something sizzling in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb.
07/12 13:48
More ice golems in Svargrond!
07/12 13:47
There is a sudden rise in ice golem population in Formogar mines.
07/12 11:14
Minotaurs are advancing to Darashia from the north!
07/12 11:14
Minotaurs are gathering in overwhelming numbers north of Darashia!
07/12 11:12
Rival minotaurs are preparing an attack on the minotaur pyramid in Darashia!
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Server Information

Here you will find all basic information about Souls of Elysium

World configuration:
Hosted in Germany (Europe)
Immense RPG experience with loads of challenges, storylines and other surprises.
Custom built & optimized client
Autosave / database backup
Custom rates in areas of experience, skilling, and monster drops edited for a more comfortable playthrough while still maintaining server longevity (less than 1.0x default rates.)
PvP Configuration:
Frags to Red Skull: 3
Frags to Ban: 6
Frag duration: 12h
7.4 PvP Mechanics
Mining / Crafting
Conjure Runes begin at 2x and increase, Shops sell runes at 1x
Ancient bonus shrines to discover around the world!
Boss creature mechanic, where every mob has a chance to spawn a harder version of itself! We call them "demonic and "diabolic"
Item Rarity & Enchanting
Client Character Creation
No Hotkey Runes or Potions
Party Experience Boost
Oldschool UHTrap
Advanced Task System
Live Casting / Cast Viewing
Backpack Autosave Positions
Wands/Rods Exist - Default & Custom
Automatic Events & Raids
Spells are Free! Learn spells by advancing your magic level!
Make Runes directly from Backpacks
Much more, check us out in-game!