Raid Log
08/12 20:22
The barbarian pack is roaming around in Bittermor!
08/12 20:22
Barbarians are gathering at Bittermor. They seem to be up to something!
08/12 19:20
Bonebeasts have taken over Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
08/12 19:20
Increased number of Bonebeasts are rattling down in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
08/12 12:06
The priestesses in Drefia are preparing a black celebration.
08/12 08:23
Many aggressive canines spotted roaming south of Ab'Dendriel! Take care!
08/12 05:50
Lizards are advancing to Port Hope from Chor.
08/12 05:48
Lizards Sentinels preparing to march on Port Hope from Chor.
08/12 00:07
Giant Cobra overflow inside of Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
08/12 00:07
There's something sizzling in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb.
07/12 13:48
More ice golems in Svargrond!
07/12 13:47
There is a sudden rise in ice golem population in Formogar mines.
07/12 11:14
Minotaurs are advancing to Darashia from the north!
07/12 11:14
Minotaurs are gathering in overwhelming numbers north of Darashia!
07/12 11:12
Rival minotaurs are preparing an attack on the minotaur pyramid in Darashia!
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Highest Kill Count

Name Kills
Rogal Ddl41
No Pk36
Chuky Feo35
Tom Shanks25
Inge Skoj25
Dirt Bike25
Adin Ross24

Most Deaths

Name Deaths
Bialostocki Adrian5
Hocus Pocuz5
Magica Teh Hex5
El Dragonitez5

Recent Deaths

Killer Time Victim
Archinar08 December 2023 (23:01)Ucharz
Axe Fighting08 December 2023 (20:28)Niepokorny
Oteck08 December 2023 (19:54)Diva
Rory08 December 2023 (11:44)Zoyan
Zoyan08 December 2023 (11:42)Zwdikk
Smooth Brain08 December 2023 (00:08)Sora
Inge Bra08 December 2023 (00:05)Grateful Dread
Grateful Dread08 December 2023 (00:03)Inge Loot
Vebraara07 December 2023 (23:58)Ashwagandha
Shikku07 December 2023 (23:56)Escape
Vebraara07 December 2023 (23:56)Skeith
Smooth Brain07 December 2023 (23:55)Damoon
Smooth Brain07 December 2023 (23:55)Aidzz
Chronics07 December 2023 (23:54)Kostaaa
Anders07 December 2023 (22:44)Inge Loot
Bagrn07 December 2023 (22:38)Shadexhunter
Arkadiz07 December 2023 (22:13)Lider
El Comandante07 December 2023 (22:00)Cyklon Ue
Mage Daltonico Roxo07 December 2023 (21:56)Sd Maker One
Cyklon Ue07 December 2023 (21:53)Bagrn