Raid Log
28/05 10:35
Hordes of slippery serpent spawns slither in Deeper Banuta!
28/05 10:33
Something is sizzling deep under many sheets of soil in Banuta.
28/05 10:33
Something bad is happening deep, deep down under Banuta.
28/05 08:15
The desert nomads are launching a full scale attack on Ankrahmun. Some might even have slipped through the defences.
28/05 08:15
Nomad scouts have been sighted close to the gates to Ankrahmun.
28/05 07:13
Let da mashing begin! Cyclops riot east of Thais!
28/05 06:42
Hunters roaming looking for targets north of the Green Claw Swamp.
28/05 03:05
Terrorbirds have been sighted in Trapwood south-east of Port Hope!
28/05 02:06
The Rotworm queen has been spotted!
28/05 02:06
Rotworms are attacking!
28/05 02:05
Rotworms have emerged from underground north of Rookgaard. Exercise caution!
28/05 02:03
Rotworms are climbing to the surface in Rookgaard.
27/05 22:28
Danger! Now the goblin leaders attack Kazordoon from Femor Hills!
27/05 22:27
Goblins attack from Femor Hills!
27/05 22:26
Goblins are preparing to attack Kazordoon from Femor Hills!
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Nirvanum launches in !

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