Raid Log
12/04 18:51
Hordes of slippery serpent spawns slither in Deeper Banuta!
12/04 18:49
Something is sizzling deep under many sheets of soil in Banuta.
12/04 18:49
Something bad is happening deep, deep down under Banuta.
12/04 17:47
There are dragons rising in Draconia!
12/04 17:28
The dreaded wight lead their undead minions to claim the plains of havoc!
12/04 17:25
A veritable army of undead is amassing in the plains of havoc, beware!
12/04 17:16
The dead of the plains of havoc are becoming restless!
12/04 13:08
The priestesses in Drefia are preparing a black celebration.
12/04 02:58
Bonebeasts have taken over Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
12/04 02:57
Increased number of Bonebeasts are rattling down in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
11/04 23:52
The desert nomads are launching a full scale attack on Ankrahmun. Some might even have slipped through the defences.
11/04 23:51
Nomad scouts have been sighted close to the gates to Ankrahmun.
11/04 22:52
Ancient scarabs are making their final push towards Ankrahmun.
11/04 22:51
Ancient scarab reinforcements have arrived to attack Ankrahmun.
11/04 22:50
Ancient scarabs are leading an attack on Ankrahmun.
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Mortalis launches in !

Guild: Vindictive

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
{RED | Vindicator }Essa Legend521Elite Knight Online
{RED | Vox}Bardock318Elder Druid Online
Chilled474Elder Druid Offline
Damoon512Master Sorcerer Online
Kostaaa416Royal Paladin Offline
Real Zloti538Elite Knight Offline
Rex500Royal Paladin Online
Skeith347Royal Paladin Offline
VanguardAncient Horna323Royal Paladin Offline
Ashwagandha440Royal Paladin Offline
Bullish451Elite Knight Online
Cocainecrackhead280Elite Knight Offline
Dua Lipa554Royal Paladin Online
General Tegma325Royal Paladin Online
Helt258Elder Druid Offline
Horna334Elite Knight Offline
Kaluvamma320Master Sorcerer Offline
Kromosom Tjuven263Master Sorcerer Offline
Lagn Living (ez)305Elder Druid Offline
Liteoverkord397Elite Knight Offline
Lucy528Elder Druid Offline
Majonez232Elite Knight Offline
Mirre261Master Sorcerer Offline
Mocna Dzida249Royal Paladin Offline
Molsan310Master Sorcerer Offline
Petrdrgn251Royal Paladin Offline
Phaido215Master Sorcerer Offline
Pina Colada Please352Royal Paladin Offline
Rawblue369Royal Paladin Online
Rory116Royal Paladin Offline
Roxas275Elder Druid Offline
Stark200Royal Paladin Offline
t Rex500Master Sorcerer Offline
Tokslut322Elder Druid Offline
Trashman243Elite Knight Offline
Vippe354Master Sorcerer Online
Young Master300Elite Knight Offline
Zaragoth142Master Sorcerer Offline
Zichko264Elder Druid Offline
Ziia363Royal Paladin Offline
Zikerim354Royal Paladin Offline

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