Raid Log
12/04 20:56
The evil wizard Zu has made his appearance! Eliminate him at once and save the city!
12/04 20:56
Carlin city walls have been breached! Run for your lives!
12/04 20:55
More creatures continue to descend upon Carlin!
12/04 20:54
Carlin's city gates are under attack! Take shelter before they breach the wall!
12/04 20:53
Carlin beware! An evil wizard is preparing an army of powerful Wyrms to attack the city!
12/04 18:51
Hordes of slippery serpent spawns slither in Deeper Banuta!
12/04 18:49
Something is sizzling deep under many sheets of soil in Banuta.
12/04 18:49
Something bad is happening deep, deep down under Banuta.
12/04 17:47
There are dragons rising in Draconia!
12/04 17:28
The dreaded wight lead their undead minions to claim the plains of havoc!
12/04 17:25
A veritable army of undead is amassing in the plains of havoc, beware!
12/04 17:16
The dead of the plains of havoc are becoming restless!
12/04 13:08
The priestesses in Drefia are preparing a black celebration.
12/04 02:58
Bonebeasts have taken over Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
12/04 02:57
Increased number of Bonebeasts are rattling down in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
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Mortalis launches in !

Guild: Inge Guild

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
inge ledareInge Kul152Elite Knight Offline
inge memberinge ammo20Royal Paladin Offline
Inge Farlig41Master Sorcerer Offline
Inge Fisk179Royal Paladin Offline
inge nappInge Ballz174Elite Knight Offline
Inge Bra90Master Sorcerer Offline
Inge Bringa51Master Sorcerer Offline
Inge Custom House213Elite Knight Offline
Inge Knark195Elite Knight Offline
Inge Loot111Master Sorcerer Offline
Inge Meta56Elder Druid Offline
Inge Uh148Master Sorcerer Offline