Raid Log
20/06 14:16
Thais is under attack!
20/06 14:10
Orc activity near Thais reported! Beware!
20/06 11:35
Gargoyle attack inside of Ankrahmun Rahemos tomb!
20/06 11:35
There is something stony moving down in the Ankrahmun Rahemos tomb.
20/06 05:11
Terramites north of Ankrahmun!
20/06 05:09
Something is moving under the surface in the sand north of Ankrahmun!
20/06 03:36
Let da mashing begin! Cyclops riot east of Thais!
20/06 02:36
Hordes of slippery serpent spawns slither in Deeper Banuta!
20/06 02:34
Something is sizzling deep under many sheets of soil in Banuta.
20/06 02:34
Something bad is happening deep, deep down under Banuta.
20/06 02:06
The evil wizard Zu has made his appearance! Eliminate him at once and save the city!
20/06 02:06
Carlin city walls have been breached! Run for your lives!
20/06 02:05
More creatures continue to descend upon Carlin!
20/06 02:04
Carlin's city gates are under attack! Take shelter before they breach the wall!
20/06 02:03
Carlin beware! An evil wizard is preparing an army of powerful Wyrms to attack the city!
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